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North Star Communication, Inc. is a full service telecommunications company that has served Metro Atlanta small and medium sized businesses since 1987. North Star was launched with the philosophy that great customer service and reasonable prices will keep satisfied customers. 23 plus years in business has proven that correct.

We created this site to help new customers locate a quality Vodavi dealer that will take over servicing their current phone system. We take on new customers as a partnership. We care because as their technology vendor, we promise to provide the best customer service, with no excuses.

We sent out a survey to some existing customers and the results showed us that most don't really have an plan in place to deal with, for example, a telephone service outage. One response to the survey really opened our eyes to the fact that, while resolving technology issues may be an everyday occurrence for us, many customers don't know the answers to the difficult technology planning questions that we were asking. Here is a copy of an actual survey response we received in May 2008. Click on This Link to view the form.

On the right side of this site, you will see a number of planning and implementation tools that we have created with our customer in mind, to help get service outage planning in place. We are always available to discuss how better to keep your important calls, faxes, emails and business applications working.

Every call to your business is important! That's why a great vendor is critical to protecting your business. North Star's approach to "old school" customer service keeps you in control of your telecommunications. Failed hardware, natural disasters, power outages, telecommunications power cuts - these and other disruptions can shut down your telephone system. North Star Communication, Inc. will keep your phones ringing!


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